Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Best Album Art

First, I want to fire a little bit at the doofuses who critisize my list, listen to your garbage, you never gave me a reason why it sucked. Going back I realized I forgot Possum Kingdom by the Toadies. I decided to tackle another part of music, The Album Cover. In the days of digital music, album art has become less important. I still buy albums for the album art. It is part of the package. Without further 10 favorite album covers.

10.Cake- Prolonging the Magic

Cake's album covers almost all look the same but this on is the best. Maybe I am a sucker for pigs.

9. Led Zepplin--IV

This classic album cover was alway my favorite Zepplin Cover.

8.Dropkick Murphys--The Gang's All Here

The album art fits the title perfectly. I love the WWII look to it.

7.The Clash--London Calling

I support the destroying of instruments.
6. Pearl Jam--Yield The art reminds me of a journey. It is simple but really good.
5. Punk Rock is Your Friend Sampler Punk Rockers just want to be friends with everyone. The back is even better showing them playing on a teeter-toter.
4. Pink Floyd--The Wall Classic Album--Classic Cover
3. NOFX--Punk in Drublic I am still trying to figure out what that kid is doing at the bottom.
2. Punk-o-rama Vol 6

Angry baboons--need I saw more
1. Ted Nugent--Weekend Warriors How can you not look at theis cover and thing, man this kicks butt. I laugh everytime I see it

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts

I went into the Super Bowl season not really certain about watching it. I really can't stand the Giants or the Patriots. But continuing with tradition I decided to watch the game. The game itself was probably one of the best NFL games I have watched in a long time. The crowd was actually into the game. Usually the crowd is very ho-hum but you could actually feel energy at a nuetral site game. I am glad Tom Brady lost. But the main thing I want to talk about is Eli Manning. All of the sports "experts" were talking about his poise and big play ability and blah, blah, blah. I looked at Eli on that last drive and thought "this is Peyton's dumb brother". He really looked like he had no clue out there. He made big plays but if you looked at him, he had the deer in headlights look in his eyes. I was completly shocked when he threw the touchdown. I kept thinking, he come a foolish interception throwing into triple coverage, etc.

The commericials for the Super Bowl were completly lame. With teams you did not care about you would think that at least we have commericals to look forward to. Again we struck out. I can't really think of a good commerical during the game. Usually beer commericials come up clutch but they were even bad.

Tom Petty rocks!! Better in concert but I would rather see him than Prince, Aerosmith, or almost anyone else any day of the week.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top 100 Songs of the 90s

VH1 recently completed their top 100 songs of the nineties. Well let me tell you, it sucked. When Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys and other crap are on the list, you know it sucks. So yours truly remade what I feel are the best 100 songs in the 90s. You will not see any rap or country or anything that resembles bubblegum feel good garbage. I don't think I missed any great songs but if I did please let me know and I will explain why it is not on there. So here we go:

100-Peaches--Presidents of the United States of America---Thought it was cheesy at first but they are actully pretty talented and the ending of the song rocks.

99-Story of My Life--Social Distortion---They would be great to see live.

98-Ruby Soho--Rancid---I am not a big Rancid fan but this song is pretty good.

97-Break--Fugazi---I love the different musical parts in this song

96-Be Quiet and Drive--Deftones---Great slower song on a great album

95-Bicycle--Plankeye--Great song from a good Christian band.

94-Bullet in the Head--Rage Against the Machine--Great song if you want to beat the crap out of someone

93-February Stars--Foo Fighters--Slow and melodic that has a great ending

92-Sell Out--Reel Big Fish--Probably one of the best ska bands of the 90s

91-Interstate Love Song--Stone Temple Pilots--A jukebox favorite

90-Bittersweet Smyphony--the Verve--The video made this song great

89-Angry Chair--Alice in Chains--Layne Staley RIP

88-Jeremy--Pearl Jam--Probably their most popular song on their most popular album.

87-Glycerine--Bush--Another great slow song.

86-Never There--Cake--A great and funny band with a very unique sound.

85-The Sky Lit Up--PJ Harvey--She wails!!

84-Shelf in the Room--Days of the New--A lot of bands owe this guy for making this type of vocals cool.

83- Superman's Dead--Our Lady Peace--Great opening song for an underrated album and they are Canadian!!

82-Breath--Pearl Jam--best song off of one of the best soundtracks of all time (buy the Singles soundtrack now!!)

81-Not For You--Pearl Jam--It is a rule you do not put the same band twice in a row, but I am a rule breaker. Another great angry song.

80-Song for the Dumped--Ben Folds Five--Made playing the piano cool.

79-Graduate--3rd Eye Blind--Memories of '97, This is a really great album.

78-Beautiful Disaster--311--"alien" rock at its best.

77-Sober--Tool--creepy song, creepy video, good band

76-Parallel universe--Red Hot Chili Peppers--I love the bass in this song.

75-For All the Cows--Foo Fighters--I love this song for some reason.

74-Paranoid Android--Radiohead--I used to hated Radiohead, but this song helped change my mind

73-Pennyroyal Tea--Nirvana--In Utero is Nirvana's best album

72-Polly--Nirvana--I really don't like this song on the album but I live versions are awesome

71-100%--Sonic Youth--Buy the Dirty Album, it is great

70-Cherub Rock--Smashing Pumpkins--One of the best opening of a song ever

69-Rusty Cage--Soundgarden--Chris Cornell wails for soundgarden, kinda stunk for audiaslave

68-Betterman-Pearl Jam--One of my favorite songs to sing to

67-Bad Habit--Offspring--The ultimate road rage song.

66-Drive-Incubus--A very good acoustic song. This is not a road rage song.

65-Everything Zen--Bush--Should I fly to Los Angeles to fing my @##hole brother.

64-FDK--Mudhoney--Nothing is better than a song cited the hypocracy of people blowing up abortion clinics in the name of Christ.

63-Punk Rawk Show--MXPX--The first punk song that I loved

62-Longview--Green Day--Bringing punk to the masses.

61-Lightning Crashes-Live--Great song on a very good album, too bad the rest of their albums kinda suck

60-Bleed the Freak--Alice in Chains--A much better song than Man in the Box

59-One Headlight--Wallflowers--A very underrated band, better than Matchbox 20.

58-Say it Ain't So-Weezer--Another favorite song to sing to.

57- Down-Stone temple Pilots--The guitars crunch so hard.

56- On Molasses Lake--Roadside Monument-Christian band, I really think this is the first "emo" song ever, released in 97.

55-Bullet with Butterfly Wings--Smashing Pumpkins--Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

54-I'll Stick Around--Foo Fighter--Dave Grohls breakout song

53-Criminal--fiona Apple--watch the video, it was every male high schoolers dream in '96

52-You know You're Right-Nirvana--Yeah it came out in the 2000's but it was recorded before Cobain died. So it is a 90s song.

51-So Whatcha Want-beastie Boys--the only band that resembles rap on this list.

50-Perfect Drug--Nine Inch Nails--Closer gets all the recognition but this song is great, find it on the Lost Highway soundtrack

49-Bad Luck--Social Distortion--Sometimes I think this is my theme song.

48-Start the Riot--Atari Teenage Riot--Great driving song, very angry song from an angry band

47-Lithium--Nirvana--Nirvana rules!

46-We're in this Together-nine Inch Nails--Underrated song, Best Nine Inch Nails album.

45-Monkey Wrench--Foo Fighters--The Colour and the Shape is one the best albums of all time

44-black Hole Sun--Soundgarden--Did I mention that Chris Cornell wails

43-Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine--Tom Morello is an awesome guitarist (why did Audioslave kind sucked).

42-Losing A Whole Year--3rd Eye Blind--Better than Semi-charmed life.

41-You Wreck Me--Tom Petty--Wildflowers is a great album, see them live they put on a great show

40-you're a Champion--2 Skinnee J's--Saw them in concert, they were fun and this song is just great.

39-Plush--Stone Temple Pilots--We don't need no stinkin Velvet revolver.

38-Doing Time--Mxpx-1:30 song comparing school to a prison, classic!

37-Welcome to Paradise-Green Day--Basket Case is annoying

36-Hitchin a Ride--Green Day--Nimrod is a great album and this song exhibits their best work

35-Suck YouDry--Mudhoney--Mudhoney was probably the most "grunge" of the "grunge" bands.

34-Civil War-Guns and Roses--My favorite GNR song, Axl sharing his wisdom.

33-Repeater--Fugazi--One of the best bands ever, this song is classic

32-Road of the Righteous--Dropkick Murphys--The best song of their early stuff.

31-Little Things--Bush--A very underrated band also, i think this song just rocks

30-Rooster--Alice in Chains--Dirt is a great album

29--Bored--Deftones--great guitars, great screaming, great band

28-Don't Drink the Water--Dave Matthews Band--They have soured on me the last five years but I still enjoy this song.

27-Do the Evolution--Pearl Jam--Yield is one of the top 5 albums ever.

26-Jesus Christ Pose--Soundgarden--Have I mentioned that Chris Cornell wails.

25-Dream All Day--Posies--Another influencial band, better than Weezer.

24-Don't Call Me White--NOFX--One of my favorite punk songs of all time.

23-Disarm--Smashing Pumpkins--Billy Corgan at his finest

22-Intergalatic--Beastie Boys--I had to buy this album twice

21-Sugar kane--Sonic youth--This song is awesome, Sonic Youth is awesome

20-Smells Like Teen Spirit--Nirvana--Freedom from 80s butt rock. Everyones #1 but mine.

19-Prisoner from Society-Living End--A fun pop-punk song from the boys from Austrailia.

18-Freak on a Leash-Korn--Korn has gotten stale but this song just kicks butt

17-Into Your Shtik--Mudhoney--My Brother the Cow is one of the 10 best albums of all time.

16- Song 2--Blur--2 minutes of pure rock

15- Black--Pearl Jam--Best song on Ten, almost a perfect song.

14-Zero--Smashing Pumpkins--Love the guitars on this song.

13-Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine--You can't have a road rage album without this song.

12-Karma Police-Radiohead--The vido made this song classic

11-Hurt--Nine Inch Nails--Trent Reznor wrote this awesome song, but Johny Cash perfected it.

10-Sabatoge--Beastie Boys--You can't say a bad thing about this song

9-Only in Dreams--Weezer--The ending of this song made it classic

8-Pop's Love Suicide--Stone temple Pilots--A lot of other songs get more attention but this song opens a pretty strong album.

7-Down in a Whole--Alice in Chains--AIC at its finest.

6. Rear View Mirror--Pearl Jam--This song is one of my favorite live songs ever.

5. Otherside--Red Hot Chili Peppers--Californication is a great album, this song is almost perfect.

4. Radio Friendly Shifter Unit--Nirvana--Best Nirvana song hands down, it is angry, it is punky, it has lots of guitar distortion, Dave Grohl beats the hell out of the drums.

3. 4th of July--Soundgarden--This song has the dirtiest sounding guitars ever, Kim Thayl is one of the best guitarest. This song still gives me chills

2.-My Own Summer (Shove It)--Deftones--I play this song when I am angry. this song is perfect.

1-Everlong--Foo Fighers--First song I ever loved, my favorite video of all time. No other Foo Fighter song comes close to this song (VH1 rated it 104, what a bunch of idiots). I still turn the radio all the way up for this song.

Well there is the list, I don't think I forgot anything. To answer some questions before they are asked.

Metallica--I can't stand them anymore, I can't listen to them
U2--Not a big fan


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michael Vick

I have tried to watch as little of this has possible but it is very hard to avoid. A few things annoy me.
1. People who are saying Michael Vick should be free. Dogfighting and the gambling are all illegal. He admitted to doing those things. It took him a few tries but he finally manned up to the charges and is willingly going to accept his punishment. He could have received a worse punishment but it could have been better. Instead of protesting the court house, how about helping some of the youth or others from making wrong decisions.
2. PETA people annoy me also. I love my beagle and I would not want anything to happen to him (my wife my kill me). But these people take it to the extreme. They almost remind me of those radical Christians that use to blow up abortion clinics. They are so wrapped up in the cause that they are delusional to everything else around them. PETA used Vick as a platform to let their voice be heard. And because of it, I can't stand them even more. Just like with the Vick supporters, these Peta people would be a whole lot more beneficial to society if they would stop protesting and do practical things helping animals.
I have never been a Vick fan and when these "experts" spew out stats about that he was below average, I kinda snicker. He might not have been the best passer but he was probably the most dangerous player in football because of blend of running and throwing. Living near Charlotte, the local media was always scared out of their minds because of what Vick does to the Panthers. They did not like to match up with him.
I am glad this is over (for now). I never want to wish bad on anyone because we all make foolish mistakes. We will see Vick's true nature when he gets out of prison. He will then show if he is sincere about his apology or he goes back to his foolish ways. Hopefully this is a learning experience for him and that he returns to society a better man.

NFL--No Fun Leauge

5 years ago...Sunday afternoon, glued to the TV watching the NFL
Today...Sunday afternoon doing everything but watch the NFL.

How did this happen? I have realized I could care less about the NFL anymore. I use to be a huge NFL fan, heck you have to be a huge fan suffering through those awful Bengals teams in the 90s. But now I don't care. I have been trying to pinpoint reason why I could care less and here are a few.

1. The NFL takes themselves too seriously. On Sunday mornings, you have 3 different networks having a pregame show and each of these "experts" give you way to much analysis. As big of experts these guys are then why are they not working on a coaching staff or with a team. They act like they know it all and question everybodies decisions. the worst have to be John Clayton, Sean Salisbury or pretty much anybody at ESPN.

2. No vibe in the south. Yes we have the Panthers but the only time people care about the Panthers is when they win. Other than that, no one cares. In South Carolina, it is Clemson and South Carolina football all year (I almost feel sorry for them).

3. Tom Brady--he went to Michigan (enough said).

4. Not as good as college only complaint about college football would be the BCS. College football has more emotion and nothing is better than watching #1 teams fall again and again.

5. The Bengals stink...Even when they were respectable, my interest was waning.

6. Too much NFL highlights...I don't even have the watch the games. I can see the highlights and it feels like I watched the game.

Well, there are probably more reasons but that is all for now. Later Tobin

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Garza for Young

Yesterday the Twins and Rays (lame name) made a blockbuster trade. Tampa receives Garza and others for Delmon Young and others. You rarely see trades of young players anymore but I really think this benefits both teams. Garza will be a solid #3 starter for the Rays in a division where you need at least 3 good starters (ask Toronto). Young will get out of Tampa Bay and play in Minnesota (if they trade Santana and Nathan, they might be worse than Tampa Bay). Young will get a fresh start. Short term it helps Tampa more because of their need for pitching. Long term it will help Minnesota (until Youg can become a free agent).


GPS navigation

I usually spend my mornings watching ESPN news and with the holiday season approaching, you see ads for a whole bunch of gizmos and devices. But there is one devise you would not catch me with: a GPS navigational devise. What happened in the good old days when men pulled out their trusty map and navigated to there location. I forsee in the future a bunch of morons that will not be able to give diections. What would Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark and all of the other great explorors say. What makes it worse is having a commerical of some single dude telling his GPS unit that he loves it while having to listen to the nausiating song "Turn Around". Well that is all I have to say, Man Up and throw away those devises.